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An Open Letter To Our Battalion Family

Dear Battalion Family:

Time flies. Time flies when you’re having fun. Time flies when you’re working hard. Time flies when you’re reliving the past. Time flies when you’re planning for the future.

The flight of time, however, is not a good excuse for not keeping in touch with friends or family. We haven’t really kept up with our NC Battalion family while we’ve been having fun, reliving the past, working hard, or planning for the future.

Rest assured though, we’ve been doing all of that and more.

Since our season ended up in Sonoma, we’ve taken some time off to recharge our batteries. We’ve spent some time looking back at the spring campaign. Reliving the wild bus ride to SoCal SC’s home in San Bernardino, the rainswept home opener and Ryan Guy’s thunderbolt of a shot, the thrilling 3-2 win over Corinthians, and the absolutely absurd 5-2 win over Coras.

We took a good hard look at what went well during the spring and what didn’t go so well and asked ourselves how we could do better going forward. One of the less obvious, but actually quite crucial conclusions we came to is that we needed more games. More games as a team on the field to gel and more games as a front office staff to refine our procedures.

Thus the Fall Season was born.

We’ve added new players and staff members to our team, and we’ll be utilizing the Fall to bring them up to speed with the Battalion way of doing things. We hope that you’ll join us for as many matches over the next few months as you can.

NC Battalion wants to say thank you to each and every one of you who have come to watch us play, shared a memory, introduced a friend, and invested time and/or dollars in helping to grow this club from nothing into quite something.

We turned 1 year old on September 2nd so consider this Sunday to be a belated one-year birthday celebration. We hope you can join us!

– The Board and Staff of NC Battalion

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