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Lopez Named to Supporters’ XI Second Team

Over 3200 fans and supporters voted online for the NPSL Supporters’ XI and dozens of media outlets voted for the All-NPSL Team. There was no team voting for these two awards and the league had no input on the voting. NC Battalion was represented by forward Eric Lopez (Mitre Player of the Week – Week 2) in the 2nd team. In addition to Lopez’ selection, midfielder Nelson Pizarro received an honorable mention.

Congratulations to Eric and Nelson! Below is a full list of the winners.

First Team

GK Gregory Hartley, Chattanooga FC

D Jake Young, Chattanooga FC

D Jon Finlay, Chattanooga FC

D Nikkye De Point, Rochester River Dogz

D Sindre Welo, Chattanooga FC

M Juan Hernandez, Chattanooga FC

M Matthew Aldred, Chattanooga FC

M Gianluca Cuomo, Rochester River Dogz

F Luke Winter, Chattanooga FC

F Matt Clare, Albion SC Pros

F Dave Leung, Tulsa Athletics

Second Team

GK Anthony Flowers, AFC Cleveland

D Soren Yuhaschek, Chattanooga FC

D Terence Smith, Tulsa Athletics

D Tony Deakin, Grand Rapids FC

D Coletun Long, AFC Cleveland

M Samuel Goni, Chattanooga FC

M Rafael Godoi, Rochester River Dogz

M David Edwardson, Detroit City FC

F Scott Doney, Grand Rapids FC

F Eric Lopez, North County Battalion

F Simon Rawnsley, CD Aguiluchos USA

Honorable Mention

GK Enrique Orozco, FC Indiana

D Kyle McTurk, New York Cosmos B

D Nicholas “Ebby” Lombardi, Sonoma County Sol

D Sebastian Harris, Detroit City FC

D Peter Brown, Grand Rapids FC

M Felipe Liborio, Albion SC Pros

M Nelson Pizarro, North County Battalion

M Orrin Farrell, Dutch Lions FC NPSL

F Diego “Toluca” Lopez, Sonoma County Sol

F Leo De Smedt, Jacksonville Armada

F Maximiliano Garcia, New Jersey Copa FC

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